Myers Jackson

Auctioneer, Texas Flip N Move

To find the right buyer who will pay top dollar, sellers need the right auctioneer— and there are none better than Myers Jackson. Myers, with his signature black hat and wooden gavel, has a knack for getting every little bit of value out of properties up for auction. Recently, Myers was the recipient of the Chuck Cumberlin Sportsmanship Award at the 2016 International Auctioneer Championship. Not only does Myers have the gift of gab, he is also an avid traveler and photographer.

Latest News from Myers Jackson

As Is

We sell these houses as is!

That means if you go in there and you find a laughing hyena licking on a paint patina, that means he’s got an application in to be the family pet.

Just A Couple Pals

Well Looky Here

With Randy there is never a dull moment. Don’t let his figure fool you, he’s as sharp as a saw blade.

It’s Auction time

Join us tomorrow for the auction starting at 7:00.  Bring your wallet!

Myers with the Snow Sisters

When you produce quality work it makes everyone else’s job just a little bit easier. With the Snow Sisters as builders, I’ve got it made in the shade.

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